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Precision Balancing further develops staff training and accreditation

Precision Balancing Melbourne has recently undertaken further staff training and accreditation, coupled with updated procedure documentation and record keeping, which has enabled them to better service the ever increasing field of infrastructure and utilities management groups.

Management and maintenance of existing major infrastructure and new infrastructure as it comes online is often a hidden, yet critical, engineering task that can often go unnoticed. Precision Balancing has recently played their part in many large infrastructure maintenance projects in the roads and tunnel sector, waste water management and the public transport field.

The principle services which we have been able to provide in the infrastructure and utilities management space have been:

  • Engineering assessment
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Project management
  • Dynamic balancing (in house and onsite)
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Preventative maintenance programs

As our domestic population continues to grow and there is greater strain put on our existing infrastructure, Precision Balancing see a continued reliance on Industrial balancing and vibration analysis on rotating machinery to ensure reliability.

Precision Balancing are able to provide a boutique range of flexible services which compliments any large maintenance program, including on site industrial and dynamic balancing.

Precision Balancing will continue to invest in our people, our equipment and our business in order to best serve our customers in this market sector.

Contact us to discuss how our on site balancing services can work for you.

staff training and accreditation


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Staff Training and Accreditation
Precision Balancing Melbourne has recently undertaken further staff training and accreditation, coupled with updated procedure documentation and record keeping, which has enabled them to...

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On site balancing

At Precision Balancing we offer an On Site Balancing Service, balancing a part while it is in its normal operating position at your facility.

Why Balance?
  • Lengthens service life
  • Reduces chances of failure
  • Improves running conditions to maximize return on investment
  • Increases equipment performance, operating quality and economy
  • Increases bearing life and reduces bearing loads
  • Reduced noise and disruptive vibration
  • Increases safety, reduces downtime labour and material costs


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