Continued Enhancement of Onsite Balancing Capabilities

As part of our ongoing development program to the services we offer our customers Precision Balancing has made further investments to their onsite industrial balancing service division. “We have recognised that this is one area that we can make further commitments to. This will in ensure that our customers have a professional and reliable service […]

Fan Resonance and Balancing

Mechanical components, such as transmission gear and bearings, generate a mechanical loss that reduces the power transferred from the motor shaft to a pump or fan impeller. Industrial or dynamic balancing of these system components can assist with the efficient running of any rotating equipment, and thus improve mechanical efficiency. There is also another issue […]

Upgrade Program hits New Gear

As part of their ongoing Industrial Balancing equipment and infrastructure upgrade program Precision Balancing have just ordered a new state of the art balancing machine. The new Schenck CAB 708 machine and rotor specific calibration software package has been sourced as part of Precision Balancing’s facilities upgrade program. The CAB 708 has been described as […]

Long term costs in the Balance!

During difficult financial times the pressure is always on reducing cost wherever possible. Elements of design, engineering and quality are often compromised in order to achieve cost savings. Whilst it is always important to be prudent to invest wisely, it is crucial that equipment and machine reliability are not overlooked as the short term cost […]

Is your Pump Reliability in the Balance?

Pump reliability is a critical factor for commercial and industrial facilities to reduce their maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime, while increasing the equipment return on investment. Before we can look at pump reliability first we must ask what the pumps expected life is. What life should you be expecting from your current pump? Remember this […]

Balancing to a Standard

Industrial balancing and vibration analysis on rotating machinery enables the early detection of faults before breakdown, and assists commercial and industrial facilities reduce their maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. Industrial balancing is the procedure where the mass distribution of a product, be it a pump, roller, impeller or the like, is accurately measured and suitably […]

Electrical Apparatus Service Association Seminar

Precision Balancing were recently represented by company director Chris Morse at the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Vibration and Balancing Training Seminar at the St Kilda Road Parkview Hotel in Melbourne. The technical seminar was presented by Gene Vogel who is the Pump and Vibration Specialist for EASA USA. Gene covered a range of topics […]

Balance Matters

Imbalance of rotating components is one of the most common sources of machine faults in rotating assemblies, pumps and fans and is a major cause of complete equipment failure. Most people’s awareness of balancing is limited to knowing a car’s wheels and tyres that must be balanced, to avoid steering-wheel shudder and uneven tyre wear. […]

In Balance Day or Night

In today’s hectic work environment the working day continues to change. Around the clock service is a key feature which differentiates many successful businesses. At Precision Balancing many of our customers require around the clock support and immediate service, we recognise this and ensure that we have qualified and experience staff on call throughout the […]

Bigger is Better at Precision Balancing

Precision Balancing are currently undergoing an equipment and infrastructure upgrade program which will further enhance their Melbourne industrial balancing facilities. Already two months into the six month program a significant part of the upgrade has been to increase industrial balancing capacity to balance larger objects. Upgrades have been completed to the largest balancing machine which […]