Precision Balancing elected as member of Pump Industry Association (PIA)

Precision Balancing Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that on 8th February 2011 they were formally elected as members of the Pump Industry Australia Association (PIA) at an executive council meeting.

The PIA has a range of goals for the pump industry, including:

  • greater involvement in pump standards development
  • closer relationships with federal and state government’s
  • working to raise industry profile with user groups
  • the provision of information on the industry
  • offering training programs, seminars, educational material etc

The Australian pump industry is significant with interests in all markets, with an annual market for pumping equipment estimated to exceed A$1 Billion annually. There are more than 2500 people employed directly by pump manufacturers and as many again by Agents, Distributors and other businesses supplying product and services to the pump market. Whilst their sales represent a large dollar value, the relatively small size of the Australian market (in world terms) has resulted in businesses becoming very sophisticated and efficient in their operations. This has resulted in innovation utilising the latest technology.

“We are very proud to now be members of the PIA” said Precision Balancing Operation Manager Jeff Leahy. “We welcome the opportunity to network within the association amongst other specialists in the industry, while also meeting with customers, suppliers and competitors alike. We have been balancing small and large pump impellers since Precision Balancing first began some 25 years ago and we see our memberships of the PIA as a way to strengthen ties with the industry. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences while learning from others, we think it results in a better industry in Australia for us all” he added.

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