Diagnostics, Fault Investigation and Reporting

diagnostics critical equipment alignment and vibration analysis

“At Precision Balancing we understand the value of early investigation and diagnostics and offer a broad range of such services, from vibration analysis to condition monitoring services”.

Diagnostics and Fault Investigation helps avoiding premature equipment failure and can ensure operational reliability and durability across an extensive range of industrial equipment, preventing further damage or structural fatigue.

Inspections and diagnostics can pre-empt oncoming issues and improve equipment’s performance while maintaining its optimum level. Cost effective diagnostics assists evaluation of the overall health of industrial equipment and identifies required action and reduces production down costs. We can detect vibration anomalies providing diagnosis and prognosis, and detailed reporting.

Vibration analysis is a key function in monitoring and diagnosing faults in rotating machinery, and through advanced diagnostics and investigation the loss of critical equipment due to failure is significantly reduced, and the cost of replacing assets minimised. Vibration analysis is not just examining the rotating equipment, but the whole mechanical system.

At Precision Balancing we use industry leading equipment, and all our engineers and technicians are experienced with equipment reliability and symptoms of failure. We gather vibration data directly from your equipment and analyse this on-site, for rapid interpretation and required action.

At Precision Balancing our technicians and engineers can interpret diagnostic data and make informed assessments of the condition of equipment and offer recommendations for remedial action.

“Overall, diagnostics and fault investigation deliver increased safety, efficiency and profitability”.

We can investigate and diagnose many equipment defects such as:

  • Bearing defects including cracking, race and cage defects and lubrication problems.
  • Unbalanced components including impellers, gears, couplings and shafts.
  • Gearing defects including broken teeth and cracking, including gear and shaft misalignment.
  • Misalignment and Motor defects.
  • Excessive vibration in structures, pipes or vessels.

We can offer diagnostic and fault investigation services on all types of industrial rotating equipment including Industrial Fans, Pumps Motors, Turbines Bearings, Gearboxes Compressors and much more.

We also offer a range of Engineering and Consulting Services

Please contact us to discuss how our Diagnostics, Fault Investigation and Reporting services can work for you.

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