What Can We Balance

“Precision Balancing has the capability to balance all your industrial equipment including fans, rotors, impellers, and motor armatures, be it in our workshop or on site”.

At Precision Balancing our capabilities mean we can balance a huge range of items, be it in our workshop or on site.

Our services and capabilities include:

  • Items up to Ø2750mm diameter.
  • Items up to 6000mm in total length.
  • Items from 50gms up to 5 Tonne.
  • All balancing grades according to ISO 1940-1, 2003.
  • Correction processes according to customers specific requirements.
  • Design and machining of custom jigs, mandrels, and fixtures
  • Computer generated certificates in real time.
  • Exotic materials and coatings.
  • Test runs, certified written reports, and consulting.

We cover industries of all types and sizes:

  • Cooling and ventilation.
  • Industrial Fans and Fan manufacturers.
  • Electric Motors and motor repair facilities.
  • Chemical and industrial processes.
  • Manufacturing facilities.
  • Steel mills, rolled product producers, heat and surface treatment.
  • Mining, and oil processing.
  • Water and gas utilities
  • Scientific, research and development.
  • Power generation plants and power facilities.
  • Water collection, sewerage, and treatment.
  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Printing rollers and drums.
  • Recycling and waste management.
  • Automotive Components and Dyno, performance and recreational.
  • Transport, trucking, earthmoving.
  • Food processing.
  • Agricultural and Textiles.
  • Mechanical services and maintenance providers.
  • High pressure pump rotors.
  • Other commercial and industrial applications.

We balance all sorts of equipment and components:

  • Fans, including axials, flat blade, double width, aerofoil impellers, inline, radial blade, PVC impellers, through bores and taperlock fixings.
  • Rollers and Drums, including process and drag rollers, conveyor rollers, cast and machined assemblies, Burberry rollers, sanding drums.
  • Pumps including cast and machined assemblies, vertical and horizontal arrangements, propeller pumps, centrifuge pumps and liquid separators, reverse ploughs
  • Electric Motor Armatures including bare new and rewound armatures, armature assemblies with internal cooling fins, high speed spindles and cutters.
  • Couplings including 2-piece fluid couplings, fixed unit couplings, flexible couplings, transmission couplings.
  • Specialised Tooling and Equipment including NC tooling and cutters, 3D optical rotors, ribbon mixers and stirrers, onsite woodchippers, granulators and shredders, chipper discs.
  • Automotive Components including yokes, brake drums, fly wheels, radiator cooling fans, brake discs.
  • Centrifuges including centrifuge pumps and liquid separators, reverse ploughs.
  • Blower Rotors including cast and machined units, side channel blowers, high pressure air pumps, roots blowers.

These are just some of the areas which we specialise in, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and see what we can do to help keep you, your equipment and processes running smoothly.

Mission Critical

At Precision Balancing we service Industry Australia wide

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